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.I'm okay lah...{ Friday, January 1, 2010 }

Ponggol Nasi Lemak!

Chingy enjoying her plate of awesomeness.

Joleong insisted hers resembled a face ._. (???)

Joseph lol SPARKLING apple juice lol

Yesterday our plans got cancelled cuz meiyern was in major pain following the extraction of many teeth, so i made mini blueberry muffins to pass the time

Yes that is Nutella in the background ROFL

Ziying came over to mahjong with me! Brought her cute poodle, Rexx, along. I was like fucking terrified he'd pee in my room so i was watching him the whole time LOLOLOL

Distracting Kee from stacking his mahjong rofl

Dunno why he's smiling - he said Rexx was standing on his balls ._.

And lastly my sister trying to corrupt the dog rofl rofl. Also, Rexx kept sniffing her ass AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA ok i stop before she stabs me in the face

Also, this is fucking funny HAHAHAHAHA don't worry XiuYan i rescued you HAHAHA

Okay that is all, might have plans tonight to make up for yesterday YAY ttyl BYEEEEEE