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.why you so sxc?..{ Monday, December 21, 2009 }

Flea market crowd was pretty good, sold about 70% of my rings, am making more tmr for the next flea YAY! There are quite a few chio ones - I'm quite tempted to keep them for myself lol shit.

Barely any photos from the flea though - was too busy selling shit.

Some behind the scenes for the shoot I helped David out with - it's for an upcoming mag.

Shooting at the riverside.

Gorge Miss Selfridge Heels

Shitloads of accessories.

Prepping the model for the next shot. She's very nice and accommodating! NTU student if i'm not wrong.

LOOK LILIN! IT'S A REAL KOREAN!! ROFL. I thought she was really pretty and unique looking though!

Coastal Scents palette. IT'S DAMN TINY - A lot smaller than I imagined when I saw the spree pages ( Grace will know what I'm talking about lol)

My chio Diana Mini, with another Korean Model/Air Stewardess in the background.

Choosing shots

Okay that is all I managed to sneak in between holding reflectors rofl. Not my cameras though - I got to try a 50mm f1.8 (HAHAHA HOMAN JEALOUS NOT HUH HUH HUH) on a Nikon D70 and an 20-85mm (i think) f2.8 on a Canon EOS 30D with the entire menu in Korean lol.

Am at work now, brain is rotting and I really am quite tired zzz.

Ok ttys bai !