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.this indifference will be the death of us...{ Friday, December 4, 2009 }

Today, I felt jealous for the first time in a really long while. I know i periodically (aka daily) tell you to shave her brows, but today I truly felt a twinge.

You told me it was fucking cold and that it would probably snow. I've never seen or touched snow (and snow city is not fucking counted that's like touching the ice cubes in the freezer) and to have to swallow the fact that you'd be experiencing snowfall with her ........... makes me feel like stabbing something - preferably something lanky and thin with a monobrow.

Is it not normal to be jealous? You've seen France, Italy, Rome, Germany etc etc and more to come this December, all in the company of said source of annoyance. First travel (including several wonders of the world) and now snowfall and God knows how many awesome, breath-taking experiences to come. I am pea fucking green right now.

When you come back, I can guarantee you I will still be neck deep in resentment and jealousy and to be fucking honest I will probably never get over it. You will apologize, i'll tell you it's okay and try my best to squelch the shitty feelings into a tiny corner of my brain but it's still there and will probably always be there - just like a tick you can't pluck off a dog ; just like a genital wart that won't go away; just like the last time you left me for months on end.

But I guess it's better than indifference, right? The past few days have been fucking scary - I couldn't bring myself to care if we were in contact or not. Obviously a fucking bad sign, yes? But overwhelming jealousy means I still feel something right? I'm pretty fucking sure I still love you, but sometimes I doubt how you feel about me. It's kinda hard to feel your love for me when we're 10,000miles apart.

There are only 32 days left. Relatively, a fucking short amount of time. I hope we get through it - you're the only one i've ever considered saying yes to. It's a big feat, I hope you get that, I hope you don't cheat, I hope I won't cheat and I hope to hell we make it.