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.thanks for the memories..{ Friday, December 18, 2009 }

I went to run today, can you fucking believe it? 5 people have told me I'm too fat within 5 days - self esteem is in the crapper. In more encouraging news, the cold storage auntie told me I was very "miao tiao". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT THE I DON'T EVEN?! She was thinner than me some more lor trying to be funny izzit lol.

Mom canceled my shift last minute, so i finally met zinc after 5 freaking months. We caught Avatar 3D (It was really good), and I got hit by wave after wave of nausea omfg. Was dizzy and nauseous the whole movie (and it's 3 fucking hours long!). Despite the almost-gagfest I still enjoyed the movie - which is really saying something.

I lent my sister my cam, so no photos with zinc.

Oh and I have a flea market @ st james this sunday! Come down okay will update with photos of new stocks soon!

Xbox-ing at my house. I was sooooooo bored omg.

Supre Wheelie Print Dress, F21 Vest, Various gold necklaces

Have been wearing my hair in a side braid recently. Gives me a motherfucker of a headache, but so much chio-er than a boring ponytail. Aiy the price of vanity.

Found this nonsense antler headband @ diaso HAHAHA I love buying shit like this - so amusing and it makes for great nonsense photos rofl


Aiy helping out with another shoot tmr, maybe this time I'll bring my camera so i'll finally have something to blog about.

I actually do have more pictures - but they're in a format my shitty Photosop CS3 can't read. Upgrading (aka stealing from david) tmr, hopefully can post them up soon! They're outtakes and behind the scenes for an upcoming mag WOOOHOOO! Okay that is all, more tmr or something <3