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.I will probably delete this later...{ Thursday, December 24, 2009 }

< rant >

I just made 4 perfectly shaped, beautifully fried sunny side ups. The edges are bubbly and gorgeous, the yolk is still deliciously runny and they are shaped almost perfectly round.

And yet, i still feel pissed as shit.

As predicted, the holidays season brings the blues and and knowing that he's out there having fun on fucking xmas with her just makes me want to fucking stab a child.

Not to mention the fact that it's been almost 18 hours since i last got a txt from him.

I mean hey, it's xmas eve! send me a txt! tell me you love me or just let me know where you are?

You can't send me txts because they're like 60ents each and yet you're backpacking round' Europe and blowing a couple of thousand bucks a month what the fucking fuck i don't even ? Sometimes your priorities just blow my fucking mind. Who the fucking fuck wants to go see "important squash matches" on the very fucking day that he's back after not seeing his fucking girlfriend who has been (relatively) patiently waiting for 20 fucking weeks?? Can't I even have just one fucking day after fucking waiting for a fucking hundred and forty fucking days?????

Aiya fucking, fucking, FUCKING cranky la. 4.5months worth of resentment is not fun to hold back okay okay OKAY!?!?

< /rant >