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Generally intolerant and deathly allergic to stupidity. I tend to repeat myself, I tend to repeat myself, and I like food, clean shaven pits and interesting nail polish shades.

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.I don't understand you...{ Sunday, December 6, 2009 }

Am i the one at fault? If i'm not, then why am I always the one who seems to provoke people? It can't be that EVERYONE is fucking stupid right? Is it my fault that I hate stupidity? Should I be more tolerant? When do I tell people to shove it where the sun don't shine and when do I take their crap and eat it too? Why should I take your crap in the first place? If it's stupid and retarded why should I do it? Why should I afford respect to people who don't deserve it? Who judges the level of respect that a person commands in the first place? Why should it be based solely on a heirachy of descending age? Is it my fault that my attitude is a lot more fucked up than you can handle when i'm angry? Should it be my fault by default just because I have an attitude problem? Why is it always my fault ? Which brings us back to the question - i can't always be in the right, right? I must be wrong at some point.

Most days I pray for the day I can get the fuck away from all of you. Away from your control issues, away from living in fear of your outbursts, living life according to your unreasonable expectations, tolerating said outbursts then pretending I'm not affected.

In 3 words - Sibei fucking sian.

That is all, goodbye.

(I don't know what I would do without you. Sometimes I find you're the only truly good thing I have left.)