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.Home is where the heart is...{ Tuesday, December 15, 2009 }

The boyfriend has been having his exams and so we haven't talked much. I know I told you it doesn't matter, but Christmas is in 10 days and we won't be together.

Remember we had out first real date 3 years ago on christmas? I snuck out of a family gathering to meet you at Vivo and my aunt walked past and spotted us mid-date lol. We freaked the fuck out rofl. I don't know where you'll be, and I know we won't be in contact because the places you'll be going to aren't covered by the network, but I will miss you terribly so. 21 days more and yet it still feels like an eternity.

On to less depressing matters - On Friday, I took a bus to the MRT. As i walked down the aisle, this crazy motherfucking old indian man STUCK HIS LEG OUT and tried to trip me! But i was trying to keep my ez link card so i was walking a little slow, else I'd have fallen the fuck down. As it was, he kicked me in the fucking shin and I lost my temper and starting yelling something like WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK WAS THAT FOR, FUCKTARD???? and he just looked a little stunned. What the fucking fuck okay!? You try to fucking trip someone and you expect them to be okay with it you fucking mother fucker? Don't make me pay people to rape your arsehole godamnit. Argh omg FUCKING FUCKING pissed. I walked away from the asshole and got a seat while swearing up a storm on the phone with daniel. After awhile i think his brain recovered a little and he tried to stare me down but obviously he failed terribly because i was fucking FURIOUS and my eyes are bigger than plates, bitch.

When (and while) i was alighting he continued to stare and when i got off the bus he CONTINUED to stare some fucking more omg so i walked right up to his fucking face and flipped him off. GO AND FUCKING DIE, MOTHERFUCKING FUCKER.

Aiya generally pissed that day la srsly lol. Caught Ninja Assassin with Shaun, Daniel and my mud friend and it was pretty good, but don't take my word for it because I was mainly watching because of Rain's smoking hot bod lol.

After that we camped at my place and spammed Paranormal activity which creeped us all the fuck out lol.

Had a shoot with David on Monday @ Hortpark (which is a FUCKING awesome place btw) and now my toes are chao tar and I have a tanline that follows the shape of my strappy sandals D: lol we are both aching and half dead right now.

Okay that is all, will update with pictures later bbs <3


Nerding out over swords lol

Experimenting with bokehs

Sexually harassing bananas in pajamas ROFL

Haris watches with enthusiasm ROFL

Told you so rofl.

Picture fail

LOL COCKSTERS UNITED and LOL @ daniel's creepy stalker face ROFL


Victims of constipation ROFL


Okay that is all, back to waiting for msgs from the bf okay bai~