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.What's happening?..{ Tuesday, November 17, 2009 }

Kinda losing my way for FYP. I wanted to go in a certain direction, but it's now considered too broad, so now I have to come up with more proposals zzz. My brain hurts.

In other news, I'm cramping insanely so please do not cross me.

Oh and in the mac lab today, Joleong and I met a living, breathing foghorn. She would not. shut. the. fuck. up. And she just yakked on and and on and and on. LOUDLY. We could hear her THROUGH our earphones - even with itunes jacked up to maximum volume.

I officially hate another person. Karma's coming for me, I can feel it.

Also, i just traveled to Bukit Gombak to collect something I've wanted for a long time. Was really happy. Please note use of past tense, because I was fined $2 for staying in the MRT for more than 2 hours. WHAT THE FUCK? I HAVE AN MRT PASS, YOU FUCKING MOTHER FUCKERS! AND FUCK YOU IT TAKES 66 MINUTES TO GET TO BOONLAY FROM TAMPINES OKAY WHAT IF I MAKE A ROUND TRIP THEN HOW THEN HOW YOU TELL ME?! Fucking cheat money only, I hope more of your trains stall and you get fined another $50,000 again, fucking mother fuckers tsk.

Aiya super cranky seriously, please blame vaginal bleeding and not my charming, non-violent personality.

In other news, I am selling my precious accessories. Feel a little sad parting with them, because they were once precious to me, but I feel it's best we make a clean break. Please don't call me anymore. I may pine for you from time to time, but some things just weren't meant to be. Goodbye my lovely layered gold chains T_T

Selling clothes too. See how broke i am? Selling all my precious life essentials ):

Also selling these gorgeous wedges (pics credit to estrentia.livejournal.com - check out her stuff, abit pricy but chio ttm!)

Harem pants, dorothy perkin's double u-neck dress, topshop blazer and my semi-slutty-officegirl work skirt lol.

(SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT OKAY -> zomgoodness.livejournal.com )

Is it just me or is my hair like fucking long now? It's annoying though - tickles my neck and i drop so fucking much i don't know why i'm not bald. Oh wait - too fucking much hair. If you invert me I can probably be a part time mop tsk. Feel like cutting it just to annoy homan rofl. What do you think? Shoulder length maybe? It'll probably grow out by the time he gets back though. Now it's all unruly and messy and i kinda feel like a cavewoman. Next thing you know, my eyebrows are going to go through a growth surge and I will look like LBXX D: !!!! OMG i totally just convinced myself to cut my hair lol i win (and am going siao).

Okay going to buy groceries and cook dinner with my siblings. Might just kill each other. Tell homan I love him and he is smells like a mushroom (and that he should thoroughly kick himself in the nuts for leaving me behind) if i die okay baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !