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.What goes up has got to fall...{ Saturday, November 7, 2009 }

I'm sorry for the absence. Kinda.

Been cranky as fuck lately, mostly due to my gum swelling up and practically covering the whole of my fucking molar. I can't close my mouth nor can I open it too wide, so it's almost always in a semi-open state resulting in me looking spastic. I should drool a little for effect lol.

Swollen gums = fucking hard to eat and can you imagine how cranky that makes me? David and Jobung and I went to Superdog for dinner. SUPER. DOG. LEH. Land of amazing hot dogs and super crunchy fries of amazingness LEH!!!!!!!!!! AND i couldn't even eat my burger properly damn spastic. Yes i ate a burger at superdog. Yes i realize the irony. But it was only cuz i couldn't fit a the thing in my mouth ( that's what she said LOL SORRY). Aiy i had to compress the burger to eat it. Like I had to FLATTEN it into a pancake. And that barely worked either so I had to go all cavewoman and shred it with my fingers.

I win.

In other news, I bought sustenance in the form of thick, sludgy porridge and meatball soup to last me throughout my 12hour shift at work today.

(Digressing - I love thick, sludgy porridge. It's excellenttttttt <3 )

Okay that is all. I have some pictures from yesterday, but flickr is being cranky so I can't get them up. Will update this post later or something lol ttyl bai~~~~