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Generally intolerant and deathly allergic to stupidity. I tend to repeat myself, I tend to repeat myself, and I like food, clean shaven pits and interesting nail polish shades.

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.meatyballs..{ Wednesday, November 11, 2009 }

Meatballs with my dependables on monday. Meatballs were awesome. But there was one fatfuck worker at ikea who was being a total asshat tsk. The machine ate my card and i simply asked him (NICELY) what was happening cuz it usually takes like 2 seconds.

(okay i am like fucking hungry now afk brb will finish the story later lol)


LOL so anyway, I asked him and he totally replied me in a tone of general cheebainess! Like "IT'S. JUST. READING. YOUR. CARD." that kind of tone!

And i was ALREADY fucking cranky prior to this little juicy gem that came out of his mouth.

Dude. Seriously. You're fat as FUCK and you're working at ikea. As an information clerk. Your life is sad and shitty because everyday you go to work looking like a giant lemon and you get paid peanuts for it.

What was that saying again? 'What life gives you lemons, make lemonade?', was it? Well in your case, you ARE the fucking lemon. So lemonade would probably refer to your pee and/or your random other (probably sour) bodily excretions.


You may now have a break. And a kit kat. But your life will still be sad, sour (excuse the pun) affair.

I really do detest rude staff.

How is it MY problem that you're having a bad day? If i'm nice to you, what's with the attitude of general cheebai-ness? Do i LOOK like the kind of person that gives a flying shit about how shitty your day has been? FUCK OFF tsk.

So i was all like um yeah, it usually doesn't take this long what? what's with the attitude?? You're damn fucked up tsk.

Then i turned my back on him and walked away. I win. Okay fine it was a little mean and childish but still! He was all zesty (excuse the pun) and diva-ish to my face! fucking cuntrag tsk.

So anyway, pics!

The queue was FUCKING long omg.

Chicken-y goodness <3

New dish - Christmas platter. Roast baby potatoes(good), turkey ham(passable) and roast turkey(super dry). It was so-so. I wouldn't order it again.

Fucking asshole was 40 minutes late! Cheebai _|_

lol 2nd expression wins at life.

I had to shred the chicken to eat it ): but still good tho!

Vandalizing the soft toys lol. Now you know why you should -faceplant- into those 'cute soft toys'. you never know where they've been (or what they've been held against D:)

Shiok sofa bed! And he's eyeing shaun's butt, in case you were wondering.

zoomed in.

the whole picture LOLOLOLOL. Haris was looking all ready to smack him in the face HAHAH

Fascinated by twinkly lights / being really gay lol.

Haris looking like a penis + their best thriller imitations lol.



In other news, I just dropped by NUS to take photos for the squash invitational banner. I probably lost 2kg of water in the form of sweat and quite possibly caused grievous harm to lumen's nose/back lol.

Walking into NUS was kinda familiar in a non-comforting way.I was assaulted on all sides by the (too) familiar sights/buildings/smell of sweat/sound of squashing lol. All that was missing was your mushroom scent and extremely loud laugh. It made me miss you a little more than i already do and now i want to vomit tsk.

Oh i also went to eat with his mom yesterday. Traveled all the fucking way to boon lay again lol i deserve a prize for endurance i swear.

Met his relatives D: ! That was kind of a surprise lol. Their canto is amazing. Me no understandy lol. So i just generally guessed at what the were saying. Also dropped by his new place. It's chio to the max and the bed is fucking gosu.

And the pool, oh the pooooooooooool (insert lots of swooning here). In the afternoon light, it was just so-so, but when night fell, it transformed into a magical wonderland of chio, mysterious lighting and silent seduction. I'm totally crashing like ASAP lol.

Okay that is generally all. I have to photoshop shit for damien, who now owes me a shopping spree at a shop of my choice HAHAHAH okay that really is all baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!