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.maybe i should just jump...{ Friday, November 13, 2009 }

i really am trying my fucking hardest.

But i keep giving and giving and giving and giving and FUCKING giving and right now i'm quite sure there's nothing left for me to give.

please be fair (and i'm not talking pigmentation here), because you won't like it when i reach my limit.

In other news, today was made of massive shit.

Childish adults (that's you guys), rude daughters (that's me), unreasonable expectations(you again), accusations, tempers (that's us), me slaving away in the kitchen but said childish adults (that's you) refused to eat because they were being childish and refused to talk like adults.

Well done. Now i can rest easy, knowing my daily/weekly dose of family drama has been fulfilled.

Oh and i really needed you today. yeah yeah yeah i know you're busy as usual, you have no time for me, you're mugging you're stressed you're busy you always have a reason etc etc etc but some stupid, stupid part of me hoped you loved me enough to compromise. I was really hoping for a little comfort - even a virtual shoulder would have been nice. How fucking unfair is it that i am desperate to hear or even just see you, but you don't give a flying shit?

Really not in the mood to play pretend-everything-is-okay with you right now. You want the perfect, understanding girl? Well she's not fucking here right now. Gone out for dinner (that she slaved over but her parents rejected). left the office. Call back tomorrow, or maybe in a few working days. Goodbye.