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.Baby it's a violent world...{ Sunday, November 1, 2009 }

Jap curry. Good shit.

Waiting for our gaming room lol.

General Wii-ing lol. Haris is hands down the WORST at shooting games lol.

He can't even figure out the remote lol.

Pwning everyone in Wii Bowling lol. Damn spastic lol.

Mesmerized by giant elmo heads lol. I totally want one. Can someone win that shit for me rofl the elmo head is like the size of a baby boulder rofl.

Off we went to Bedok Simpang for supper. Teh bing wasn't bad at all, the boyfriend would have loved it.

Kebab <3 + smelly brown friend keeps making faces in ALL the photos. Super annoying I'm going to punch him soon lol.

Not really in the mood to write, so that is all. Perhaps when I'm feeling up to it, I'll edit the post. Not right now though. Right now i'm thoroughly confused. I need answers and reassurance but tonight I will have none.

Oh and if sharing is caring - we're fucking done for.

I have nothing more to say, goodnight.