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.Godlike...{ Saturday, November 21, 2009 }

Today's the 21st which means it's been 3 whole fucking months since you left. And we're still together, which is quite a feat seeing that I'm the (minimally) jealous type (LOL) and you're .. the fat type lol.

45 days more yay! Which is a relatively small amount la if you think about it. But talk to me again on xmas or at the end of the year and I'll probably be like swearing my ass off and being generally fucking cranky. It really irks me that he'll be spending xmas and counting down the new year with her. Thinking about it literally makes me want to vomit heh. But I'll try to think about the fact that he'll be back within 12 days from xmas and 7 days from the end of the year instead. I said I'd try, but most probably will be swearing at him via sms or something.

OH and we can't bbm during the 2 weeks that he'll be traveling because the countries he'll be visiting aren't covered by blackberryservice.

Motherfucking hell tsk. Okay thinking about it is making me cranky again. Please remind me to be nice to my boyfriend during the holidays just because it's the holidays lol thanks.

To sum up my friday:

- Obtained 4 bleeding blisters via new sandals
- Went to school twice
- Forgot to take my ring stocks from Izak
- Almost fell to my death trying to avoid a hugeass puddle of rainwater
- Went to food fair ( this being the highlight of the day lol) and got jostled around by many aunties. Chingy behaved like one (ROFL) and managed to score us 3 seats! Amazing lol.

Okay small small small picspam:

Expo hall 4; food and aunties galore.


Curry soup thingy

Tea ingredients

GIANT ROTATING STICK GENTLY BARBECUING SOFT SLABS OF CHICKEN. Sorry for caps very excited lol. Also, the dude stuck his hand in the photo tsk.

Deep fried cheena snacks that are undoubtedly super unhealthy lol.

Katong Spoon laksa :D

Futta La Viva gelato - we had chocolate (so-so) and Crispy Hazelnut (DAMN AMAZING).
You can find their gelato stand HERE

Duck crepesssss <3

Okay that is all ttys! Sorry if I'm unfunny today brain very tired woke up at 6 to talk to the boyfriend who is fat and has taken to calling me fishball for some reason. Mad. Okay baiiii.