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Generally intolerant and deathly allergic to stupidity. I tend to repeat myself, I tend to repeat myself, and I like food, clean shaven pits and interesting nail polish shades.

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.booga booga!..{ Monday, November 30, 2009 }

lol tiny picspam because i am super fucking nua:

LOL. I collect random props like this for pictures fucking funny we were taking turns wearing it around town rofl.

Lol i met the Green ranger at the MRT ROFL

Lousy photo skills lor I was like talking halfway lol.

Slutty face lol

Finally found a hooded cardigan. Warm and shiok like shit :D

Wolfing down our food and chionging to Game Haven rofl

LOL being retarded on the train

Raving Rabbids-ing lol. We rockband-ed, I owned and Daniel killed our eardrums ROFL

LOL @shaun he's like D:< !!!!!!!!!!!! ROFL

kancheong spider lol

Trying to transform into black ranger ROFL

Chicken in a biscuit FTW!

Supping at botakjones@somerset

Double meat patty leh! Siao.

FUCKING AWESOME FRIES LOL. Meat and cheese and chilli spam lol shiok!

Chilli dawg <-- this is how it's spelt on the menu like for real rofl.

Every 2 weeks, I get to hang out with my dependables. We spend most of the day being fucking retarded, wii-ing til the wee hours, trying to knock haris over and talking about vomit chains(rofl). The best part of it all - they help me forget that my boyfriend is far far away in the clutches of a hairybrow-ed cavewoman.

Love ya'll long time - fat jokes, black jokes, hairy jokes, braces jokes and NS jokes aside bbs <3

Oh and we caught New moon on Saturday. It was super draggy lol. The intense parts were intense, and when Jacob took his shirt off there was a collective "WAHHHHHHH" from ALL the females in the audience (myself included lol). Oh and a whole lot of intense and heavy breathing on Bella's part. Rpatt still looks like a constipated toad though - i really don't get why people think he's cute *gag*.

After the movie we crashed my place and played munchkins til like 4 fucking am lol and on Sunday i woke up at 9am and my brain was generally comatose the whole day gg fucking balls.

I have to meet joreong and dabeed in school later at 10am, it's now 9.07 and I can't summon enough energy other than in my fingers rofl rofl help they're going to stab me.

Oh and boyfriend, i hope you're having a good time in Rome <3 bbm me when you see this okay? Love you long time <3