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Generally intolerant and deathly allergic to stupidity. I tend to repeat myself, I tend to repeat myself, and I like food, clean shaven pits and interesting nail polish shades.

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.And i wonder, who's loving you? + LAYOUT FAIL TSK..{ Friday, November 27, 2009 }

Happy 34th month bb, only 39 more days til I get to be in your (fat) embrace YAY! Can't wait for the video argh SEND ME NOW NOW NOW or your piku will explode!! ROFL okay la fine i wait til tmr then heh.

Wednesday saw me nuaing around with poks, in (belated) celebration of her birthday :D! I hope you enjoyed the shokudo meal <3

Also, my godzilla of a headache says hi. Have been having a lot of dizzy spells and headaches recently tsk makes me feel like stabbing something - preferably alive and moving.

Popeye plans got cancelled today due to unforeseen (family-related) circumstance - miso sorry (and sad ): ! no awesome mashed potatoes D: )! Make it up to you guys tmr ok ok stop bitching already please lol <3 (AND REPLY MY MSGS YOU BITCHES OR BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN TO YOUR ANUSES! if CMI please tell me if not i'll chop your left nut(s) off tsk)

Oh and xmas is coming and all, so check out this awesome awesome screen saver!

Am totally in love with it! It's a stop motion fire made out of candy corn so awesome and christmas-y and I love the homey sound of the (fake) crackling fire! Awesome possum please go download it HERE.

Okay tiny picspam:

Nonsense salad thing lol. Waste of money. It was like 99% vegetable omg fail.

Softshell crab pasta. My absolute fucking favouriteeeee <3

Lyd's Omu Rice set. Shiokkkkkkk egg omg

Super ridiculous sunglassses HAHAHA i bought like 3 different random ones lol.

Sorry for fierce face, the rest damn unglam lololol

Happy birthday poks, me love you long time <3 <3 <3 A rich, handsome dude with 9 packs will come and sweep you off your feet soon lolol <3

Okay and a bird shat on me at cineleisure. That makes it like what - the 8th fucking time already lor cheebong tsk. Karma loves to hate me. Okay that is all, have to concuss like now to wake up to talk to my fatty at 6am.

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3