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.Where is your heart when i'm not around?..{ Saturday, October 24, 2009 }

I'm so fucking exhausted. Today I took leave and went to school and ~tried~ to explain my situation to most impossibly inflexible assface on earth. My hands are tied. I have no choice. All I ask is for a little flexibility and a little understanding for 4 short weeks.

And asking you to reply my emails was asking too much? No fucking wonder you were demoted. You lost my fucking ~major~ form, blamed me for it, accused me of not handing it in AT ALL then dropkicked me into the WRONG major and NOW you're going to royally fuck me over because you're computer illiterate. Congratulations, you win at being a total jackass.

But both my care person and course managers are being super understanding about it. Thank you so much, it's a lot more than i expected, and I really really appreciate you guys helping me. Promise I'll try my bloody hardest, cross my heart and swear on my favourite UO sandals.

In other news, I went to help my sister out at work today, just barely got home half an hour ago. So fucking tired and mentally exhausted, i just want to curl up into a ball and sleep forever.

Also, I passed a few presents to homan's friend's sister cause' she's visiting italy with them next week. He just got them. And i am probably fucking insane to say this but I'm jealous that my presents are near him sooner than I am.

Mad. Jealous of inanimate objects LEH.

Brain obviously dying.

I'd rather your presence over your presents any day though.

Okay that is all bai ):

(Today i woke up feeling horrible. I read through some of our old msn conversation logs and it made me miss you even more. The past few days have been really rough and I really really needed you. You're supposed to be my pillar of fat - all dependable and unmovable and awesome for leaning when I can't find my footing and my knees are wobbly and weak. But you've up and gone and uprooted to France and I feel so unsteady and unsure and it feels horrible. God i miss you so fucking much. I don't want you to come back and find that I've learnt independence. I want to need you; to depend on you like you used to depend on me. But you've learnt, and maybe... maybe I should too.)