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.what the fuck...{ Saturday, October 10, 2009 }

Woke up early to pack today. You can imagine how well that went lol. So I'm mostly done with the pigsty that is my living room, I haven't even started on my crap that resides in my brother's room. Am super scared to touch that pile of shit because:

a) Everything is probably coated with a 5cm thick layer of dust.
b) Please remember that the pile-of-crap was in my brother's room - so I don't know where everything's been (if you know what I mean)
c) Damn scared I get STD from random particles that float around in his .. um .. den of immorality rofl.

In other news, the boyfriend waited up for me for the first time (which i appreciate) but I went into a mini-coma and did not wake up to meet him online (the irony of which I also appreciate ROFL). And now he's being a fat boob and refuses to come online to prolong his sleep lol.

Oh and i also traveled across the island to the hell-that-is-boon-lay to pick up shit for my mom (speaking of which, the guy wrapped it in newspaper so tightly that i couldn't unwrap it to check and when my mom checked it there were cracks tsk fucking dishonest motherfucker i literally asked him to his face if there were defects la cheebai) and to meet HIS mother to earn daughter-in-law points. Dinner was amazing, or maybe I was just starving from going 8 straight hours without food.

And sorry for the lack of pictures lately. Packing leads to large clouds of dust rising from long-forgotten objects and my DSLR is obvsly allergic to said dust so it's tucked away safely til I move. Sorry bbs!

Had a good hair day today until I got caught in a sudden random downpour and now I kinda resemble a drowned rat. Also missed my bus because a lousy woman driver was being a , well, lousy woman driver please go fuck yourself or retake your test in case you kill someone ok?

That is all bai.