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.urgh...{ Saturday, October 31, 2009 }

2 days ago i managed the impossible. I lifted my thumb nail off it's nail bed. With an oniion.

I win.

Obviously didn't do it on purpose la! I was cleaning and prepping the onion for mincing, and peeled off the outermost layer using my thumbnail. It slid in between the nail and thumb(meat? lol) and now it hurts to touch anyhting tsk nabei. It's totally bruised la tsk fucked up. Fucking evil onion! Please note it is my prerogative to blame said evil onion instead of my own stupidity for not noticing how deep the onion was going.

Aiya and yesterday I tried to make a glowing rose. I cut open 3 glow sticks, poured the glow solution into a container and stuck a white rose in it. I used the same knife (washed and cleaned) to make sausages to eat lol and now i'm fucking laosai-ing all over the fucking place.

I woke up at 3 fucking a.m to bomb the toilet! Fuckkkk why do i always wake up early on weekends lol super fucked up. Now i just feel super dizzy and nauseous tsk fuckapoodledoo zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Also, I fucking miss him. Feeling a little resentful that he left me behind. My brain knows it's not his fault (OR IS IT?) but my heart is all like FUCK YOU ASSHOLE rofl rofl rofl.

Lunch with poks later! I'll keep you updated on whether it stays in my stomach or if I nuke the toilet again rofl rofl rofl.

Okay that is all bai. Pics later perhaps <3