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.truth be told, i lie...{ Monday, October 26, 2009 }

My boy left for Italy a few hours ago. As usual, it'll take awhile (for the fact that I won't be able to talk to him for a week) to sink in.

In two hours, it'll be our 34th month together. Does that even count? Like, if we're apart and separated by 10,000km, should that be taken to account? The fatty says it should count for twice as much time just cause' it takes a lot more effort to maintain a relationship lol.

In other news, I am making dinner for my family now. I bought a whole chicken and those weird herbal packet thingies lol. I prepped the chicken and it was fucking disgusting ):

I had to decapitate it and amputate its feet! And and it was just like the fucking fattiest shit ever. Like fat was EVERYWHERE! Kinda like me lol. No but seriously, I kept de-fatting it and the fat just never seemed to end urgh totally grossed out. It's steaming now in a foil packet, with chinese herbs and spices lol. You know that emperor chicken thing? i think that's what i'm cooking but it's all in chinese so *shrug* lol.

okay that is all. My hands still smell chicken-y ):

afk puking forever.