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.Queen of procrastination...{ Sunday, October 4, 2009 }

Still have not picked up my chair. See title of post for explanation.

Also, need to buy my favorite facial foam, dye/cut my hair and pack my shit ( like for real this time).

Have been mutilating my own bangs for the past 2 weeks. Okay, not mutilating per se, cause' i do like the end results. It's just want my chio side fringe back! But the only way to get that is to get my bangs back. That's right, the amazing chinadoll spastic child cut that everyone laughed at til it grew out -.-

See? I look super retarded.

But after it grew out it became

Which is what i really want cuz you can't see my spastic parting!

Aiy how now brown cow?

In other news, I had to empty my cupboard today cuz my sister sold it. I took all the contents and dumped them into another set of drawers lol. And i have .. a lot of random shit.

Like seriously.

Let me name (1/400) of thy ways:

- a durex lubricant bottle (don't look at me like that lol i just like the purple bottle!! i gave the contents to my parents rofl)
- metal bottle
- clear cans (i love these they're so pretty)
- time capsules
- vintage pocket watches
-random trinkets from exboyfriends (like one huge fucking jar of saga seeds and this super chio bottle of folded bus-ticket-hearts that I've kept since i was 13 lol - that was SEVEN fucking years ago!!)
- lomo cameras (fisheye 2 + supersampler)
- remote controlled toy cars (me and the boyfriend used to race lol)
- ceramic whistles (WTF?)
- Foam houses (WTF WTF??)
- Stickers
- Typewriter ribbon for my chio typewriter which i haven't touched in AGES(Am considering selling it actually heh)

I win. I have so much random shit HAHAHA give me your addresses I'll mail out like a super random kit of shit rofl.

And i haven't even started on the hall (where my pigsty currently resides)!!

Need to pack everything by .. this friday.

I'm going to die a horribly slow death by excessive dust intake lol help me.

Best part is I buy storage shit like they're about to go extinct. Like srsly. I have 10000 little storage boxes with 10,000 compartments to put my shit but i don't use them cause I just throw my shit around so they just end up doing nothing and becoming part of the hoard of shit i need to store lol I WIN NO REMATCH like for real ROFL.

Don't judge me because it's a hereditary disease i tell you. My mom buys/keeps even MORE random shit than I do I swear it. The other day she brought home a giant promotional chupachups milka bucket because "it looked cute".

Can you say "pwned"?

LOL okay that is all need to sleep waking up like real soon for work ):