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.omg nuaness...{ Wednesday, October 7, 2009 }

Have been listening to this song all morning. Good shit.

Skipped internship today to help my mom. She's taking care of some moving-house-issues-that-moms-always-take-care-of, so here I am, stuck at work. Sian shit.

Was looking at on my laptop while carrying it around. Walked into a box of my shit that I had packed yesterday. Almost fell over. Stupid shit.

Woke up at 5am to talk to my boyfriend for an hour. Good/great/awesome/epic shit (or also bad shit, depending on what you think of waking up at 5am lol)

Bought a yummy crispy yam cake from oldchangkee. Good shit.

Had to chew off all the crispy rinds within 10 seconds before the bus reached the bus-stop (else it'd get soggy and gross). I am a ninja hamster in disguise rofl (am apparently also shamelessly shameless rofl). Good (crispy) shit.

Bus driver seemed to be on drugs. Kept twitching and looking at both mirrors CONSTANTLY, it seriously looked like a scene straight out of a jammed pirated DVD i swear. Barely even had time to look at the road for all his twitching, which was probably why he was driving at like 10kmph or something lol.

He looked left.
Then right.
Left again. Right.

While we in the single lane LEH. WTF was going on man lol. Slow shit.

Stole a lot of new episodes of shows from my sister - Gossip girl, Bones, Greek, Supernatural, How I met your mother and Grey's anatomy. Awesome shit of epic proportions :D

OKAY AFK I'm going to watch them til my eyeballs fall out rofl BAI!