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.I'm not a cheekopek -.-..{ Tuesday, October 13, 2009 }

Good song! Can also be pedobear's soundtrack ROFL.

Super tired today. Had to stay back to complete DI work miso tired ):

Haven't eaten since noon, starving to fucking death and am now cooking dinner for the family. Boiled potatoes for ONE WHOLE FUCKING HOUR! Plus like half a tub of butter lol + salt + hand mashing = fucking. awesome.

But I can't eat until my parents come back in an hour miso hungry want to die ):

Am also boiling carrots. The water fucking turned yellow wtf it looks like i'm boiling them in pee ROFL.

In other news, I've not finished packing! It's like there is not end too all my crap omfg help.

My room. LOL messy like dog and no money to get new furniture YET but but i am very hopeful lol.

LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL toasted bread using a free coca-cola toaster. Fucking ridiculous! It flew out of the toasted and scared the fucking shit out of me. I literally yelped and was like OMFG when i flipped it and saw words on it -.- I thought satan was trying to talk to me or something.

Potatoesssssssss !

Naked potatoes!!

Chunky potatoes.

Creamy, smooth potatoes <3 <3 <3

In other news, I lost my handmade tophat ring ): It was one of my favourites lor so sad so sad ):

Okay that is all, I'm so fucking tired I swear. Am also working for the next month, to fund my FYP + return what i owe to homan. Am 40% scared it will affect my FYP, but I'm not taking moneyzx from my parents anymore and fat girls can't survive on grass.

Okay that is all, 3 MORE DAYS EVERYONE! ADD OIL!!!