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.I MET HARRY POTTER YESTERDAY ROFL..{ Saturday, October 3, 2009 }

Asking you to stay
the words are finally here
let's rewind and rewind
you see, you're the only star
in the film i never made
would you rewind it all the time?

Guess who's in Munich now for Oktoberfest? Oktoberfest LEH. My boyfriend is at a beer festival in Germany lol now there's a line i'd never ever thought i'd say lol.

In other news, there's a war going on in my stomach now. Apparently Constipation was taking over the territory so now defenses are going up and Diarrhoea is storming the front. YAY happy birthday to me! And I'm at work now. Double win lol. Is this karma for all the bad things I've recently done ? Cause' that would definitely be uncalled for. I've been positively anfreakingelic these past few weeks! Relative to my usual behaviour anyway heh.

Aiya miso bored. There's a drive in later that i really want to go to but since i'm stuck at work that's probably not going to happen heh.

Also, check out this cloud reel:

Another Cloud Reel... from Delrious on Vimeo.

Coolest shit ever. Videographer must have been like super free rofl. I like how some clouds actually look like froth on the top of waves or something.

Uh okay and I'm a little afraid that the boyfriends' dad might read my blog. I don't want to come across as too vulgar but then again .. I am like super vulgar. And that's already understating things! What if he doesn't appreciate my twisted, horrendously funny humour? Aiya i don't know what to think lol help.

Okay that is all, rewatching the cloud reel again. So captivating. BAIIIIIIII