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.Heartache, misery, trouble and pain...{ Tuesday, October 6, 2009 }

I saw a very, very misleading picture on facebook today.

His hand was caressing her head and my general reaction was SMFUCKINGLJ (insert barrage of swearwords here).

He said he was just turning her head to look at the board or something.

I can't decide if i should chop off his hand or her head lol.

I generally feel super paranoid when i see misleading photos but the moment we speak, the paranoia goes away super quickly. The chemistry between us is really amazing, so much so that i can't doubt him anymore.

We just spoke for 3 minutes.

Best 3 minutes this week so far, cross my heart.

Love you super fucking long time, my fatty.

47 days since you left. 90 odd more to go.

Go me.

That is all, bai!

(And no, i'm not emo-ing in the title of this post -.- it's part of the lyrics in Your Voodoo Working, as heard in the newest tiger commercial -.- )