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.A+ for failure...{ Thursday, October 8, 2009 }

I am tired. Would you please stop harping on it already?

Yes, internship pay sucks. Yes, work hours are long and spastic. Yes, we are basically their slaves. No, we do not squander our spare time away simply because there isn't much. We can only take over your shift after work. Which ends at 6pm. On good days. After 6pm, all the contractors go home and sleep. Because they are tired from stomping around in boots and donning their curly hair + mole. And since we can only take over during phuachukang-sleepy-time, our taking over your shift would be redundant. Because you only need help when, say, the phuachukangs are awake to do the job right?

But nevertheless, I offer every friday, only to be rejected because "it's too late" but somehow i am "heartless" and "do not know where my priorities lie" because .. I have to turn up for internship.

I've already taken 2 days unpaid leave PLUS 2 days of medical leave so far. It's going to reflect badly, to be honest. But hey, you need help to supervise phuachukangs at 2pm what - bo pian. And since I am screwing myself over to help out, could you tone down the ungratefulbastardchild talk?

Oh and we work monday to friday and work the weekends for you, but hey we're still squandering our spare time away! When I come home and get on my laptop, I am being an ungratefulbastardchild! I see what i have done wrong. Next time, i shall rock quietly on the sofa and whisper to the walls and they shall call me the wall whisperer or something.

Internship is important. Bad report = screwed forever thanks. I don't know how to get that across to you without you spouting vulgarities like vomit from a bulimic 15 year old.

And you wonder why I am the way I am.

Merry xmas to you too.

OH AND ICING ON THE FUCKING CAKE. I left my spree stuff in the car boot. GO ME. WIN FOREVER. Someone stab me please.