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.fat ):..{ Sunday, October 25, 2009 }

you made me a video, it made me weepy and now i miss you more than ever, you pangsai ):

On monday you'll be travelling around Italy for a WEEK. And Italy isn't covered by dataroam. Which means no bbm, no talking, no anything. When you get back to Singapore i will kill you with my bare hands ROAR.

BARE HANDS, BITCH! Be afraid, be very afraid lol.

Aiy sorry la he was spamming my phone this morning at 6.19am to wake me up to skype. I was like 3/4 asleep and wondering why the fuck my alarm kept ringing even though i snoozed like 30 times lol fuckadoodlepoo lol. Yawnnn super sleepy now, have to go to work soon. Meh.

Also, I had my hair tied up in a pony tail and I tricked him into thinking i'd cut my hair short and he freaked out and was all like NOOOOO HONEY NOOOOOOO WHY YOU CUT YOUR HAIR NOOOOO etc etc. Mad.

Picture 31 by you.
Picture 30 by you.

Lol love you, fatbooby.

Okay that is all, brain very tired now bai.