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.When a man loves woman rofl...{ Wednesday, September 30, 2009 }

To summarize my two days of wtf-ness:

1. Have been waking up at 4.30am for shoots.I think my brain has disintergrated. (N)
2. Have been able to talk to the boyfriend because of that (the early rising, not the brain disintergration rofl) (y)
3. I am learning nothing (N)
4. My sandals broke (FUCK!) (N)
5. My bag closure tore (FUCK FUCK SHIT FUCK) (N)
6. I went to collect my spree stuff (Y)
7. A motherfucking mud flipped me off while I was waiting for the traffic light to turn! WTF he was in the back of his .. er .. pick up truck ( lol so cool right LOL) and i gave him 2 right back and rolled my eyes at him.
Right back at you, mudboy. DIAF. (N)
8. 3/5 spree items were yummy (Y)
9. I'm not sure what our friendship means to you. I didn't realize it was this fragile. (N)
10. I have $7.20 left for the next 3 weeks rofl i win. Will have to stay at home and eat instant noodles til al my hair falls out rofl (N)
11. Met Lydia and Shaun yesterday. Poks forgot her wallet rofl rofl rofl (Y)
12. Shaun + his dad drove me home. The radio was trying to be funny like srsly. (Y)
13. I don't know why the fuck you did what you did. It was heartless and cruel. I'm still waiting on an explaination (N)
14. I had a massive arguement with my sister over nothing, really (N)
15. We were completely okay with each other by the end of the day lol (Y)
16. I tried to fix my sandals/bag with superglue but the results are mediocre. Need to find cobbler argh. (N)
17. Movie with Shaun later yay! (Y)

So in conclusion, these 2 days have been 10/16 shitty.

Also, I would like to talk to you about it, but if you keep ignoring me I don't know how I can fix it. I'm not even sure you want to fix it, which sucks, because obvs you mean more to me than i do to you.

Shrugs. Somethings can't be forced - like trying to shit when you're constipated or asking me not to swear lol.

Small picspam:

lace clutch from Tangs. $149 or something. Not mine la obvs? It's pink. Meh.

Paul & Joe Shirt. $400 LEH. LOL The tiny stars are fuzzy and soft and super adorable.

The pants are part of a $999 suit lol.

Some sorta dry cabonara. Interesting.

@ Wisma food court with poks and shaun.

Waiting to top up his carddddd

LOL. When we went to his place to get the car he said to me: EH give me 10 mins can ? I want to hatch my sea monkeys !! And i was like WTF is that code for masturbation HAHAHAHAH

General fascination lol. Couldn't see shit lor! They looked like specks of groud pepper lol.

Worshipping the sea monkeys. ROFL no la he was "exposing them to bright light" as per instructions on the packet lolololol

Okay that is all baiiiiiiii.