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.Uncurry puff?..{ Sunday, September 27, 2009 }

I love this song - it never ever gets old lol.

In other news, today is the first time in weeks that I've risen from my death sleep at 8am.

8am leh. Usually its like between 4-6am. I feel so .. weird. I imagine this is how Count Dracula would feel if he woke up in the morning, except i don't turn extra crispy when i walk into the sunlight lol.

Meh and i'm bored again. Still waiting for my cheque to be cashed into my bank acc. I've planned out my pay but .. I will have like $0 left for the next 3 weeks HAHAHAHAHA /dies. I'm incorrigible - i know.

Things I'm (most probably) getting:

F21 Shorts $31.50

Supre tank dresses $36 ( Printed & plain in Martini)

Zipia watch $24 - Can't decide on which colour leh. Both are chio to death!

+ Orla Kyra tote $31
+ Nameplate necklace $33
+ F21 Navy banded tank dress $22
+ Atas stool $45
+ Mayuki Harem pants $15
+ $130 phone bill
+ Money i owe poks lyddiepoks $25
+ Sandals $70

OKAY so the total is my entire pay HAHAHAHA Okay i'm not getting EVERYTHING la just .. most of it lol okay i need like a 2nd job or something rofl. Aiya i can't help it if i like pretty things! It's genetically wired into my DNA ):

Okay have to strike some shit off my list or strike the lottery lol.

AFK while i cry forever in a corner at the sad realization lol.