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Generally intolerant and deathly allergic to stupidity. I tend to repeat myself, I tend to repeat myself, and I like food, clean shaven pits and interesting nail polish shades.

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.Time after time...{ Thursday, September 24, 2009 }

Happy birthday my fatty, both Singapore time and France time <3

Brain fairy and the fat fairy will bless you long time hahaha <3

Miss your fat face, your tiny cheena eyes, your little dainty gaming hands, your long legs, weird toes, hairy pits (okay this one, not so much hahaha) and your super fat squishy chest. Best. Pillow. Ever.

I really miss your super loud laugh; the way you smell like fungi after squash (lol); your mad-comfortable hugs (not after squash obvs lol); the horribly bad jokes you'd tell; the way you'd try to convince me they were good; your randomness; your love for comfortable/soft textures rofl; your inhuman tolerance level for bullshit; your bullshit in general and you, most of all.

I hope your studies go well over there, my love. I also hope you'll punch labixiaoxin head-on-yours girl in the face lol.

Oh and i paid Gerald $5 to smash cake in your face lol let me know if he went through with it ;P

Love you mad-long time, I can't wait til you get back so I can be in your arms again.

Lots of love,
Your girlfiend (lol i typo-ed friend then i realized it was pretty fitting either way ROFL) who doesn't smell of fungi <3