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.STUPID FUCKER...{ Saturday, September 26, 2009 }

I just asked a stupid motherfucking fat spastic childslut whether the shirt he was wearing was a school PE shirt ( cuz it looked like one - it had a badge shaped motif on it) and he was all like:

"NO?", in this super rude cheebai way.

Nabei you smelly mother fucker do you really think i have nothing better to do than to ask you random questions ? It's a 10 FUCKING THOUSAND DOLLAR fine if we let in students in uniforms, UNDERFUCKINGSTAND? IT'S MY FUCKING JOB, CROTCHFACE.

Need to be so fucking rude for fuck, you fucking fuckbag?!

I told him to stop being so rude and get the fuck out of my sight.

Dumbfuck. Don't make me pay random people to shove random shit up your ass k? I know somebody who blanket-partied somebody and stuck a toothpaste tube in his anus and squeezed the entire fucking tube of toothpaste into his arse k.

Don't make me call him, you sad little owner of a pinkie-sized penis you.

Urgh. Fucking motherfuckers like that make me want to tie my fucking tubes.

Some children really need to be kicked in the fucking face. At LEAST twice.

Urgh cranky as fuck now. I feel like randomly restarting his com for fun HAHAHA TAKE THAT, MOFO!

Pay random people $5 to shove stuff inside your piku then you know ah! NABEI heh.