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.Sleepytime...{ Friday, September 25, 2009 }

Today was massively retarded.

Running around to locations/fittings,rushing back to work,rushing to complete contact sheets, getting different instructions from different superiors, general confusion and shittiness.

My right arm is aching like a bitch because i was photoshopping/contact sheeting all day argh want to die so tired so tired ):

I fell asleep on the bus and missed my stop. As in i woke up the moment the bus left my stop hahaha nabei! So i had to walk backwards from the next one la tmd! But it wasn't so bad - i found a magical zhi char store right behind my house! YAYYYYYYY 24 hour foood :D !

Speaking of which - I had a mega mcspicy meal for lunch. It was seriously FUCKING spicy. I had to de-skin it and wash it (i'm not joking) before i could eat it without crying rofl rofl super lousy i know rofl.

Also, as i was leaving the office to assist in the wardrobe fitting, hunky hotness-on-legs were streaming into it for a casting. So sadddd lol but one glimpse is enough la because that model was really hansum boi like you wouldn't believe man lol drool drool drool hahaha!

Okay tiny picspam:

Creeeepy wigs D:

Met Chingy & Grace at IMM on weds :D

My chio friend Grace who is chio and eats fries almost everyday but still remains super thin. God why you so unfair lol.

I dunno wtf Grace was taking srsly hahaha

Meet up again soon okay hahahah in 1.5weeks my stuffs will arrive and i will have to travel to the end of the world a.k.a jurong again lol.

At SPH for fittings. Wah lao the guys there are really BUILT. Their chests are like armor lor plox like can deflect missile kind hahahhahaha

Not this guy la though HAHAHAHAH he was quite funny. Reminds me of waldo in the 'where's waldo?' game though hahahaha

I made chopped long bean in scrambled eggs :D !!!!

It was terrible hahahahaha the beans weren't cooked through so i guess that settles it - homan will be cooking every night when we get married hahahahaha

Okay that is all. i am tired and probably waking up at 5am just to talk to my fatty. really damn tired today.

Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i have to remove my eyeliner but miso lazy anyway can look better for homan on webcam hahahahaha i am queen of procrastination srsly ok baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii







HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA she was giving her best shu nu face HAHAHAHAHAHAHA she's totally going to fucking kill me hahahahahahaha please God don't strike me with lightning if chingy asks you to okay? hahahaha okay really going before she sees this and i invoke the wrath of ~holy chingy~ HAHAHAHA