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.Sianing...{ Wednesday, September 23, 2009 }


Luscious meatballs of yumminess.

Stuffed salmon + mushroom soup + wings to share :D

Bought zinc's present and headed straight to ikea for meatballs. It's always good to hang out with excessivefollicleman and my brown friend. We talked about the birds and bees (the birds in particular) ROFL ROFL ROFL found out some things that i think my brain may never ever recover from rofl.

My throat is fucking sore from inhaling smoke from all that incense/ghost stuff burning. So annoying. Can't even enjoy my yummy old chang kee curry puff. heh.

Had a bad start to the day. Got shoved in the bus by this fat auntie. Wanted to punch her. She just kept NGEH NGEH pushing like HELLO NO SPACE ALREADY OKAY STOP PRESSING YOUR FATS ON ME URGH. Some people are just so OIASDJAOISDJAOISDJAOSIDJ need to be stabbed twice that kind urgh.

Meeting chingy later, so that will probably be the highlight of my day ( not to mention the collection of my spree stuff that comes with it ;P ). We'll be dropping by IMM. Which is like halfway across the island from my house. When i have to travel home later I will probably die heh.

Stuff to do:
- Collect stool ( chair, not excretion rofl) from tanjong pagar on monday/tuesday
- Get navy espadrilles
- Get Zipia watch ( I can't decide between blue or white hmmmmmmmmm it's a sign that i should get both lol)
- Get supre dresses
- get f21 grey shorts
- pay lyddiepoks $25
- remember to book stall at flea fly flo fun next month.

Oh and did i mention that all i did today was take photos of wigs? Gross and super duper creepy like you wouldn't believe.

I scared the shit out of jing yuan with one of the wigs HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ok i shall stop now bai.