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no rest for the wicked.


Generally intolerant and deathly allergic to stupidity. I tend to repeat myself, I tend to repeat myself, and I like food, clean shaven pits and interesting nail polish shades.

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.Preach...{ Tuesday, September 22, 2009 }

"He's not perfect - neither am I. We may never be perfect together but if he can make me laugh, cause me to think twice and admit to being human and making mistakes, hold me and give me the most that he can (or what he thinks is the most) - I don't want to hurt him, change him, analyze or expect more than he can give. All I can do is smile when he makes me happy, let him know when he makes me mad and miss him when he's not here."

- stellay.lj

I am trying but it's hard. I want to be all that you want me to be but i'm not sure if what you want is who i am.

But Compromise is my middle name (right beside Shopaholic / Awesome / Ninjamaster) so i will try, i really will but i hope you can give in a little too, because all give and no take makes Yoko a really, really, really cranky bitch.

Urgh someone slap me i need to get out of this emo-cry-all-night state. Meatballs later with Shaun, maybe we can catch a movie after that.

Argh i need to shop.

Shopping solves everything except constipation.

It can even fend off heartache if there's enough of it - I know from experience lol ( see evidence 3 posts back rofl rofl).

Okay that is all, can't wait for yummy swedish meatballs of swedish yumminess YAY!