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.POTATOES ARE AWESOME...{ Monday, September 21, 2009 }

Yesterday the flea market was tragically not as awesome as i expected. Apparently they shifted the shuttle bus areas last minute or something, so the crowd wasn't that big.

Our booth :D !

Modelling my rings for me :D

The ten thousand rings i made :D

Candy coloured pocket mirrors i made :D

POKSSSSS and her china hair HAHAHAHHA <3

Okay i know i look a little insane here but it was the only one i had of us HAHAHA <3 see you next weeek when my pay drops in from cheque heaven :D :D :D

Completely random but we happened to be wearing the same sandals HAHAHAHAHA <3

I only made like $200 lol but i spent like $30 or food (and shopping lol).

And er i bought the bag i wanted from dorothy perkins to, erm, reward myself for enduring the mad heat for 6 hours :D

I made enough to cover my 80% of my phone bill YAY ME!

In other news, today am finally gonna get to talk to my fatty on skype! Can't wait can't wait :D

Also, my bag is full of chio awesomeness :D

Oh and i've went a little crazy last month - these are the things that are on their way to meeee :D

Kimchi Blue Crisscross sandals from Urbanoutfitters in Black and Green Tea :D

Forever21 faux leather belt with gold hardware

F21 H81 Marlene Denim shorts :D

F21 Scoop Tank Dress

Faux Snakeskin flats from Target

and MY NEW CHIO BAG OF CHIONESS frmo Dorothy perkins :D! It's soft and fluffy to the touch lol and has adjustable straps YAY!

In my defense, 75% of the stuff i got was on sale okay hahaha

I still want to get 3 supre dresses, 4 OPI nail polishes from transdesign and another pair of denim shorts from F21.

I would also like to say that I am not a shoppaholic.

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and apparently i am also nostril-deep in denial rofl rofl rofl okay that is all baiiiiiii