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.LOL GET IT GURL..{ Tuesday, September 22, 2009 }

I spy with my little eye,
a super cute iconic watch with genuine leather straps and the cutest freaking watchface EVARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

Am i moving on? I've been using the watch he gave me for years and now i'm looking for another one. Is this a sign?

LOL NO LA TALK COCK HAHAHAH the zipia watch is like fucking cute omg i can't stop shopping shoot me now no wait let me buy it first then shoot me while it's soft, real leather straps rest gently on my grateful wrists and the amazingly cute watchface reflects the sky as i slowly flail to the ground in pain.

LOL omg can you tell i am like fucking bored ROFL 8 more minutes til i get off work!! YAY MEATBALLS MEATBALLS MEATYBALLS here i come :D !

Btw i spent my entire day just taking photos of pineapples to send to a client for an upcoming shoot.

WTF i didn't even know there were THIS many fucking pineapple names/brands lor.

Honey Pinapple; SW Pineapples and WTF SWEET SIXTEEN PINEAPPLES for christ's sake lol sounds like a slutty teenage porn flick hahaha ok that is all 3 more minutes to go YAY okay baiiii (: