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.live and let live...{ Sunday, September 27, 2009 }

I spy with my huge eyes:

A facebook picture with my boyfriend being sandwiched by two girls.

Aiya srsly - can't be fucked already lol but I really need better things to do than troll facebook and see annoying photos.

BF put up his Chamonix photos on facebook already but he can't upload them on flickr cuz his connection sucks. There are some nice photos though.

Here are my faves :

LOL just kidding. DO NOT WANT.

So gorgeous - this one is my fave.

You can check the rest out here:

Am so amazingly fucking bored now.

I finished like 8 shows yesterday at work so now i've nothing to watch. 4 and a half hours more til i end work argh shoot me now.

I got so bored that i actually redid my entire blogshop template. You can see it here :


I re-used the same grass template, as you can see lol.Also made the headers with an easy peasy clipping mask using the text layer and grass layer.

Maybe I should make a namecard + backings. Totally out of earring backings already hmmmm.

Heh maybe later. Shall procrastinate for abit. Which is redundant because there is nothing to procrastinate with lol.

LOL this post is damn bo liao i'm only typing to kill time lol okay baiiiiiiiiiiii

Happy anniversary fatty - miss your fat face. Hurry up and fly back ❤ hugs.