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.I'm still waiting...{ Tuesday, September 22, 2009 }

And you still aren't online.

I bought skype credits, so you can call me if i'm not on my lappie.

I'm waking up in 5 hours, not sure if i can stay up for much longer.

In happier, less depressing news:

a) SAFRA members get super cheap GV movie tix on weekends

b) I have a $25 Isetan Voucher to use (I can use it in Topshop@Wisma!)

c) I lent my topshop card to the girl behind me in the Dorothy Perkin's queue and hit 250 points and now have another 20% topshop/topman/dorothy perkins voucher.

d) When I bought my DP bag, i got 15% discount instead of the usual 10% cuz it was the ~last day~ of the special F1 promotion.

e) I just ate cheese-encrusted baked tilapia. Someone baked it and left it for me for dinner. It was yummy.

f) I vlogged about my day yesterday. I put it on youtube (but i made it private) so that homan could see it. I can't make it public cuz I am very offensive and I counted at the very least 10 "fuck/fucking"s lol.

g) I FINA-FUCKING-LY MANAGED TO CALL ZINC (after spending $14.17 on skype credit) YAY!!!! Love you long time <3 <3 <3 Talk again soon okay!

oh and I just spilled an entire bottle of ice cold water on my back. Don't ask me how. I AM STILL WAITING I HATE WAITING ARGH.

Okay that is all bai.