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.Why are people retarded?..{ Monday, March 9, 2009 }

This girl texted me a month ago confirming that she'd be getting a pair of stockings from me. Asked for my a/c number, told me she'd notify me once payment was made and disappeared for 3 weeks straight.

During that 3 weeks i msged her periodically, asking if she still wanted the stockings.

No reply.

Last week i dropped the price by about $7.

She just texted me and asked to get them at $15, saying she could make immed payment.

So the sms conversation with EATMEBARBIE ( lol i know right? lol) something like :

eatmebarbie : Hey can i make payment 4 e tights tml haha i just remembered sorry

me: I msged you several times over the past 2 weeks and you didn't reply at all so i assumed you were passing so i sold them already sorry =/

eatmebarbie: Omg omg omg omg i didn't receive ur msg omg sigh do u know whr 2 get it

me: Lol i'm pretty sure i sent them several times cuz they're in my sent items lol.

eatmebarbie: Anyw do support my selling journal eatmebarbie.lj! :D thanks love do let me know if you want anything thanks

She obviously cunt be trusted. ROFL please die.

On a completely unrelated note, my boyfriend is really very nice to me. Me love you long time lol.