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.Operation Black (lol i had to change the original name )..{ Thursday, March 12, 2009 }

Hello I'm not dead but i am pretty dead tired. Classes have been awesome and short, my teacher is slack in a non-slack-class-every-day-for-2hours-with-little-or-no-homework kinda way and I haven't been shopping.

I need a part time job, one that won't a) kill my braincells b) kill me c) make me want to kill other people.

Also, I spoke to a photog lecturer today. I told him how I wanted to pursue photography instead of graphic design, and he told me that the only way was to either a) retake my course or b)do it constantly on the side. I also told him about how i want my Final Year Project (FYP) to feature photography, though i know it will be greatly discouraged (DUH) because i am in Graphic Design.

But I'm really not sure i'm cut out for graphic design as a permanent future job. Photography is kinda my hobby and the fact that i'm not in Photog steam makes me want to stab a certain tall idiot with weird glasses and too-short pants. Just saying.

So anyway for FYP i'm gearing towards:

a) A magazine.
b) A photojournal
c) Annual Report

I'll probably do a mag though, i can showcase my photography, typography , graphic design and layout all in one. Okay now i feel kiasu.

Anyway, I've been thinking about doing some shoots in the near future, anyone interested?
a) Marine life,tide pools, sifting through sand for marine creatures etc
b) Dying trades / traits of singapore ( i got this idea from shihui) Kachang Puteh man, malt candy granny, street cobbler, garang guni, ice cream man etc.
c) A fashion shoot - i have a few ideas i want to test out.

If you have ideas/ super chio friends who are chio please intro so i can get models thanks thanks.

Wah this is a super wordy post because I'm bored and waiting for the boyfriend to get home and i'm bored and er.. i'm bored.

Sometimes i feel like i have no idea what i'm doing.