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.LOL WHY YOU EAT MY BOYFRIEND'S BANANA?! + PICSPAM !..{ Tuesday, March 17, 2009 }

I caught Race to witch mountain today. It is possibly THE MOST cliché-filled film on earth. Everytime they gasped in shock, smiled with relief or got super lucky and got away unharmed - i cringed so hard, i think i shat out a mountain of raisins.

So after the show the boyfriend ran away ( quite possibly to find a place to vomit - he was complaining about how shitty the show was the entire time) and the rest of us shopped, ate turkish food and joked about Daniel's huge black dildo. I kid you not.

ROFL ROFL I GIVE YOU EVIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So my day started off with rain, meetups, more rain and wet shoes. I went to zinc's place to take pictures of her (possibly tick-infested) dog. It turned out cuter than i expected heh. It was also hyper, perverted and quite um stupid. LOLOLOLOL.

IT ARE ATTACK HER VAJAYJAY!!!!!!!! LOL Pervy dog lol.

This is my fave pic of Rexx.

Taking the bus to town.

After the movie of general cheesiness lol.

We went to see my fat bf's photo that's part of the Noise exhibition :D Miso proud :D

And apparently so is he -.- .

We ate this high-class ikachang thingy - homan chose the one named "HOT CHICK". ARE YOU HINTING SOMETHING YOU CHEEBS >:| ?

Chopped nuts, bananas, fudge, condensed milk and ice slivers :D

After ice kachang - we saw some Noise exhibits on a super cool user interface touch screens - they apparently cost 12,000 EUROS. WTF?! But super cool la! You could zoom in and out, scroll and move images with a touch of your fingers! Like those CSI screens - but in real life HAHAHA it was AWESOME. Look at how excited ziying is.

Meet CSI Yeo and CSI Lin. Chinese sirnames don't quite cut it leh. LOL.

Blue dots indicate where you're touching !

Dinner at some sorta turkish cafe - beef, bread, tomato soup-ish sauce and yoghurt. It was pretty good!

Poner Pancakes :D

I truly have no idea how to describe the soup. It was neither sweet nor salty, neither bitter or sour - it was just .. grainy? like pureed potato or something - but grainier? LOL..

Daniel proudly waves his dildo wand lol.

My awesome new bag of awesomeness LOLOLOLOLOL.

Okay that is all :D More soon.

Also ..


Joseph you have been warned.

(Oh man i hope the immense bad karma i will be reaping is worth it HAHAHAHAHA)