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.Jason.Mraz.Pwns...{ Saturday, March 7, 2009 }

But FOB>Jason Mraz anyday LOL.

Oh man he is awesome though. His voice was like crystal clear and on pitch and he was entertaining as well - he actually burst into opera-mode halfway in his performance. It really was better than I'd expected.

The only sad thing is that we sat really far away, and were also in front of two mini demons - apparently their greatest wish is to attend a crowded concert and pass TEEBEES to the people in front of them by COUGHING AND RAINING GROSS COUGH-PARTICLES ON SAID PEOPLE. YOU CHEEBAIS. COVER YOUR FREAKING MOUTHS. And they were like YAPPING away about how chio they were and they kinda looked like my toe mated with a raisin and put on glasses - I think my brain died twice during that particular conversation.

If you look closely - you can see her printed jacked matched with heart-print canvas flats with a horrible brown dress thingy that made my corneas burn. LOL and yes i know i'm going to hell.

Said raisin+toe+glasses hybrid.DIEEEEEEEEEEE DEMON!!!!!!!!!!

(insert screams-of-10000-fans here)

Lucky fuckers in front. Mraz took polaroids of all the members of his band ( bongo guy, guitar guy, drummer etc) and threw them into the crowd - i think there was like 10 mosh pit fights because of that lol.

Large black voids at the bottom of the photo = back of heads of idiots who block photos by running to the railing. _|_

At some point he sorta challenged the Saxophone dude. Like he'd sing a tune and the saxophone guy had to play that tune, or the guy played a long complicated one and Mraz had to sing it out. Freakishly on-pitch please heh. He also sounded like the Saxophone heh.

If you look closely in the middle of the photo there are 4 specks of extra bright light. 4 people used glowsticks to form the letters M, R, A and Z and held them up for the duration of THE ENTIRE CONCERT. Wah their biceps made of steel i tell you. NON-STOP LEH! Or maybe like it was attached to their heads lol too far away to see la LOL.

He sang Lucky - to thunderous screams and applause. And then he invited Joy Chua to duet with him and there was just MAJOR grumbling going on. Like @#*!)#!( WHO IS THAT PERSON. Her voice was sad compared to his godlike one LOL. When the song ended she hugged him, and like people were going like "WTF GET OFF HIM YOU WHORE! DIE!!!!!!!!". Okay that was mostly me but whatev. LOL.

Got a little bored with the repetitive shots so i tried taking shots of the swirly lights instead.

Just playing with different angles lol cuz all the photos were starting to look the same heh.

At the end the entire band threw orchids to the crowd. More mosh-fighting. More screaming. No encore. D:!

WHY NO ENCORE )))))))))))):


I heard the most insane shit ever in class yesterday. (One time, she punched me in the face.) It was awesome. LOLOLOL.

I also watched Watchmen ysterday, it was sinister and disturbing and too freaking long. Homan lapped it up though - typical comic book fan. Urgh but i just wanted to die. After watching the show you kinda feel like FUCK HUMANITY I THINK I'LL GO BEAT SOME OLD LADY UP/ SHOOT AND MURDER A CHILD etc. The only part I liked was the opening credits lol.

Things to watch:
- Ghost of girlfriend's past (7/5/09)
- Fanboys (26/3/09)
- Up (4/6/09)
- Coraline (9/4/09)

Argh why all coming to cinemas so late!? ZZZZZZZZ.

And does anyone else hate the weather to death it's sooooooo fucking cold and wet and annoying zzzzzz.

And it's raining as I type this lor nabei.

Okay that is all byeeeeeeeee.