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.hiccups...{ Thursday, February 12, 2009 }

Hello earthlings. I'm sorry for my absense. I know i have been dearly missed and so i think you should know that i blog only when i'm

d)avoiding work

And avoiding work is exactly what i'm doing now lol.

So anyway, Tuesday was the night of the Fall Out Boy Concert. Daniel was supposed to pick me up and told me to wait at the Macdonalds behind kallang.

So I arrived at Kallang and walked out the gantry to find .. NO MCDONALDS. Instead there was a large grassy area with several full grown trees. I went to ask the cranky ice cream lady, who i could tell led a very sad life because she answered with contempt and a general air of sourness. How nice. Turns out it had been demolished a long time ago.

So i was spamming his phone and he couldn't pick up because he was driving so it was quite mad heh.

So we got to the indoor stadium at 5pm, put ten thousand parking coupons afterwhich Daniel turned to me and said, "you know it starts at 8pm right?"


Ten thousand parking coupons HAHAHA daniel was like @(*#&!(*# so expensive ROFL after the concert we realized no one had put coupons HAHAHAHA!

The place was freaking empty la tsk. But then we rounded the corner and there were 9218319823798217319827391 people queuing up already. So we walked 2.4km to the back of the queue and nua-ed there for 2.5 hours.


This guy went around handing out duffy flyers and daniel flipped it over and he was all like OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OASIS OASIS I WANT TO WATCH!!
Then he read the byline : LIVE IN HONGKONG!

Okay this is the part where things start to go downhill.

So the queue moved and we shoved all our stuff in a locker and when i was about to go in they said NO CAMERAS.



So i stashed my camera and we got a place in the middle of the mosh pit and then i saw this girl RIGHT BEHIND ME WITH 2 DSLRS! OMG I WAS SOOOO PISSED I THINK I MY BRAIN ALMOST IMPLODED!


She told me she slung it across her shoulders and they just let her in i was like WTF MOTHERFUCKER SHIT FUCK SHIT FUCK SHIT SHIT FUCKERS!!!

Urgh but at this point the opening act started. I have to admit they were pretty good, but i'm super short, so all i could see was (feet)(back of maht's head)(hair)(feet)(hair)(feet)( maht's head)(TEN THOUSAND FUCKING CAMERAS)(feet)(part of the mike)( lead singer's face)(back of maht's head).

Life is so sad.

I mean i kept seeing the cameras and i got so pissed so i just went to try and get my camera in and once again they refused me.

After i squeezed out of the mosh pit.


And they didn't let me bring my light sticks in either!!! i mean like WTF?!?! What did they think i was going to do? Stab someone in the eye?

The conversation went something like this :

"I want to bring in my camera"

"No sorry miss you can't there are copyright laws"
(Heh see she was so disgustingly annoying i had to give her dialogue a disgusting gay colour too rofl)

"Er hello there are like ten thousand cameras waving around in the air right now so why can't i bring mine?"

"I'm sorry miss"

"But there are soo many inside and you're not even stopping them"

"I'm sorry miss"


"I'm sorry miss"

"SORRY YOUR CHEEBAI AH"( okay la i didn't really say that but i was thinking it)
"FINE. Can i bring in my light sticks then?!"

"What's a light stick?"

"Are you serious? It's a stick you crack that emits light"

"Oh i'm sorry miss cannot bring in."


"I'm sorry miss"

She was so obviously NOT SORRY.

Wah nabei damn pissed.

So i got stuck at the back. Alone. Because I didn't want daniel to come to the back since he already had a nice place ( four rows from the stage) and was being bua-ed left right and center by hot girls lol. I actually preferred standing at the back though- cuz i could actually SEE the stage as opposed to the back of a thousand heads.

Was pretty cranky at this point ( i think you can imagine). No camera, no light sticks, no daniel. It was getting pretty fucked up.

But then Fall Out Boy started playing and i pretty much wasn't pissed anymore. They. really. really. really. rocked. I was sandwiched between 4 minature sluts ( and by that i mean like pri sch girls wearing tissue-paper-sized clothing) and a lesbian couple - but it was a rocking place to be because they were pretty enthusiastic and we were just moshing at the back.

Oh man the lead singer's voice is seriously better live than on CD. He was crystal clear and right on pitch and soooooooooo awesomeeeeeee D: !!!!!!

I would gush more but then I'm a little blinded by the flashing stage lights and a little deaf from said minislut's screams so i'm kinda in 90% nua mode.

Daniel has photos of the concert in his iphone, will get them from him asap.

All in all - it was a good night. Despite spastic security people. Urgh. I'm still really sad that i have no photos though ):

After the show we ate at mos burger - somehow it tasted better after the concert (or maybe we were just hungry lol).

Eh it feels damn good to be driven around. We drove by the busstop and we could see all the poor souls trying to pile themselves into the bus and we smiled smugly to ourselves rofl. Oh and and and we can go to ulu places to eat !!
(hello homan this is a big big big big big big big hint)

Bad photo but it's the only one i have of us heh.

Daniel enjoying his.. urm.. long weiner HAHAHAHAAAA

Oh and yesterday i was in my usual pissy mood after arguing with homan. Dropped by Wheellock Place to repair and reformat my laptop. When i left it there i felt kinda dismembered T_T.

Went to Forever21 after that. As i approached the entrance, i noticed a sign outside that said :

SALE. 2 FOR 1.

Omg it was like a sign from god. I swear a beam of light fell though the clouds and landed on it and i could see like glittery gold dust floating around it.

It was a beautiful sight. ROFL.

And so i bought:

I love retail therapy.

Okay this is such a long post i'm all out of words ( i'm so lost without youuu~) ROFL okay i shall go now rofl.