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.maybe one day you'll wake up and find that you're missing me..{ Saturday, January 10, 2009 }

These few days have predictable.

Yoko goes to school.
Yoko goes to class.
Yoko has consultation.
Yoko goes to NUS to watch her boyfriend rape people (in squash).
Yoko is bored at NUS.
Yoko plays cards with other W.A.G.S(wives and girlfriends of squashers).
Yoko steals homan's underwear rofl.
Yoko is stuck at the courts cuz some people really really really love squash and continue do so until 10 friggin pm.
Yoko is cabbed home by boyfriend hehehehe.
Yoko goes to sleep.

Repeat cycle.

Damn boring la zzzz. I have lessons from 3pm-9pm lor tmd zzzz.

I brought my camera out yesterday in hopes of taking some nice shots but seriously i've taken too freaking many photos of squash courts/squash players/squash balls/squash rackets already la nothing new. So i left my camera in my bag and nua-ed instead.

So i'm at work now, and he's playing the finals later. I hope he wins if not he'll be sad and mopey heh. The entire team's going for a steamboat lunch later lor tsk. Miso jealous. No food here at work lor zzzzzzz.

Okay a few pictures:

Boyfriend happily scratching his toes.

Huijuan. Omg yst her pinkie joint got fucked up really badly so instead of a normal straight pinkie it was like this < omg fucking scary @_@.

Okay that's about it miso bored got nothing to blog about.

This month marks our 2nd year together and we both will be having lessons TMD gg balls.

okay bye.