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.....{ Tuesday, January 20, 2009 }

Yesterday i was seated next to this girl on Bus 5. It was freaking freezing, and one of the aircon holey things was aimed at me and the other, at her.

Then she freaking stood up and aimed both at me lor chao cheebai.

Er hello? She was like 10 times pudgier than me which means she had 10 times more heat insulation lor tmd.

Urgh damn annoyed. I stared at her but she pretend to sleep tsk.

Stupid fat whore please die thanks.

Why do such people exist? Inconsiderate like shit.

Please get impregnated by your mhat boypren and grow up to lead a loser life, remaining fat, pudgy, poor and an all-round shitty person.

Stupid minah.

Anyway i gave my seat up to an old lady, i hope she didn't become a popsicle thanks to miss shamu heh.