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.What the ..??..{ Friday, December 12, 2008 }

Today on the train, i sat next to a woman in middle eastern garb (except for the tudong thingy and veil), and she started asking me why i was wearing shorts etc blah blah blah will get raped (WTF???) because men like to look and men like to grab and blah blah blah will get raped it's not good must change blah blah blah blah blah.

I was totally like :O ?!!!! I'm wearing a hooded top + shorts, what the hell? Anyway no guy will rape a fat girl la, harder to drag rofl. No but seriously, i wasn't even in full on skank garb lor go away la tsk. Then she asked me where i got my nice shiny bangles, because "wow they are very nice! i love it! Are they gold plated??" and i was like um no, they cost $7 from Diva rofl rofl rofl.

In an effort to halt all conversation, i started to plug my earphones into my phone to listen to music then she asked " wow your phone is nice! i love it! what brand is it?", then she saw the NOKIA word at the top and started telling me how nokia is a lousy brand and everything and i just died.

Why do such things always happen to me?

Then i stuck the earhones in my ears and prayed like shit she wouldn't talk to me again and then


she nudged me. Like seriously NUDGED ME. No choice, had to take one of the earphone out.


"Does my face look weird? I put moon powder (WTF?! and YES SHE SAID MOON POWDER), is it uneven?"

"No you are incandescent and beautiful please stop talking to me." ROFL ROFL ROFL no la just joking. I was like yes you look fine OMG LOOK IT'S MY STOP BAI BAIIIIII MAY WE NEVER MEET AGAIN~~~~~~~~~~

ROFL seriously damn sian la. 20 mins of her gabbing at me heh zzz.

Oh and I GOT 70 for PUDES HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i did it all in 2 days HAHAHAHAHA okay i shuddap now later kenna stabbed okay bai.