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.Karma math...{ Sunday, December 7, 2008 }

Yesterday the boyfriend walked me home and as we walked under a large tree near my place, he asked me if i have been shat on under that particular tree.

Well, no. Not under that particular tree but i've been shat on about .. 7 times before wtf! Once at night some more (@*#&@(!*&#(@!!

Anyway, we came up with this theory, that if i do something wrong then karma will enter the bird and merge with the crap or something and fall out the bird's ass and unto my head wtf!

But how does karma select it's victims? My theory is that it has a point system rofl. Like, if I curse someone that's -50 points, then if i give up my seat for people in need it'll be like +100 or something, and every time you accumulate -10000, you'll kenna bird shit or something equally gross and fucked up.

Apparently the awesome deepavali prank i played on joseph was worth -1000000000 points or some shit because the next day i found a cockroach in my fried rice wtf lol. You gotta admit that it sounds plausible right?! HAHAHA but i hope my theory isn't right cuz i just played another prank on him recently rofl.

Like there was a class discussion and only about 7 people turned up for class and we were all seated in a ring around the lecturer and I called joseph's phone ( which wasn't on silent) ROFL ROFL ROFL.

He was like shooting me with his eyeballs like WTF BITCH DIEEEEEEE D8< !!!!!!! HAHAHA!

Afterwhich i smsed him ( his sms ringtone is very loud and like a string of words or someshit) HAHAHAHAH damn funny omg! Shit how many negative points do you think that was worth? ROFL ROFL ROFL.

Anyway, yst the boyfriend bought me Carls Jr for brekkie, the fries were incredible, but the burger/onion rings were mediocre and sad D:

Oh and he bought me awesome chocolates from Cocoa Tree ( or whatever the shop name is), they have this yummy chocolates wrapped in foil going for like 70cents each or something? They are friggin awesome! I think i kinda fell in love with the idea of wrapped chocolates in a box from watching Matilda. You know that Roald Dahl story of the psychic girl?

I apologize for the tinyness of the photos, any bigger they'd pixelate like mad, something i really dislike.

Went for brekkie at KFC omg they had this waffles with egg meal thingy, which was pretty shiok! I mean, the waffles were good ( not as good as gelare / A&W of course) but the eggs were blah but whatever the waffles nullified the blah-ness rofl.

Oh and they totally ripped Popeye's chicken off - stole their bread biscuit idea. Does anyone even know what i'm talking about ? rofl Popeye's chicken has this muffin thing that isn't a muffin nor a biscuit nor bread i dunno what the hell it is but it is yummy. And KFC copied that idea, which was surprisingly good with butter :D !

Omg i just typed out an entire paragraph on food ah okay whatever.

Okay that is all, i'm waiting for pictures that the boyfriend owes me from MONTHS ago, cuz his computer kenna the blue screen of death or something and really died and he just reinstalled photoshop because he is a snob and refuses to give me the original photos cuz he wants to edit them because he is a snob lol okay bye.

This post is really wordy heh.