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.My friend, the exorcist...{ Monday, December 15, 2008 }

I think zinc is depressed or something. Sometimes she says things that are really @(*#&!(#&*@(&#(* and you'll feel all sad and pessimistic about the world. No seriously. Like commit-suicide-stab-self-cry-your-eyes-out kinda pessimism. Zinc you totally need Prozac pronto.

Popped by Salvation Army at bukit timah today. It smelt like old people. I wanted to get a blazer but i found nothing i fancied which was pretty sad. There was a lot of bible covers (rofl), framed pictures and a massive amount of dust. We went to look at the furniture section just for fun, and I discovered that ziying is actually kinda creepy. She likes those old antique-ish chinese-y cupboards, and get this - BABY COTS (wtf right?).

She's all like "Oooooooooooh the baby cot so cuteeee"

"Er it probably has some evil baby spirit thingy that will kill you when you bring it home"

"NO LO! Maybe they just donated it cuz don't have a baby anymore what!"

"Ya cuz it died already what."

ROFL okay i kept karma at bay by touching wood but whatever. After that we got caught in the rain, so i suppose i didn't really manage to keep karma at bay heh.

Dropped by her house and further uncovered her creepy side. She alternately speaks in a very high squeaky voice and a very rough monsterish manly voice.

To her dog.

I am not kidding.

Then she kinda kiaps it's head between her shins ( not hurting the dog, but kinda trapping it there) and i was like wtf are you doing?!?!?!! and she's like HAHAHAHAHA THIS IS SO FUN!

Oh my god she's fucking creepy! I guess mental problems are the price to pay for a pretty face rofl rofl. She's going to kiap my head when she reads this i think rofl rofl rofl.

Oh and by the way, have you guys heard of woot.com? it's this website that sells only one item a day, and occasionally they sell A BOX OF CRAP - which is this box full of random shit like nintendo wiis, rubber ducks, random backpacks, basically just fucking random nonsense! The boyfriend really likes this concept, so I'm currently assembling a box of crap for him this xmas rofl rofl rofl.

I'm not going to say what i'm throwing in, but i'll try to make a record or i might just video him opening it ( like the people who buy actual boxes of crap do, on youtube rofl rofl).

Okay bye.

(By the way, my sister removed her pink hair extensions and they're next to me. Fucking creepy please like real hair. Skarly got ghost-of-girl-whom-the-hair-once-belonged-to behind me okay i shut up now bye.)