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.LOL why no white stuff today rofl rofl..{ Saturday, December 13, 2008 }

Caught Bolt 3D today at The Cathay - 3D is freaking awesome!! Even though the 3D specs make you look like a semi-spastic terminator wannabe, i really enjoyed the show! LIke everything pops out of the screen :D ! Okay i sound super bimbotic. Oh and the show was pretty good ! THE HAMSTER IS SO FUCKING FAT AND ADORABLE I JUST WANT TO SQUEEZE IT OMGGGGGGGG!

Okay i shall stop being spastic now.

Oh and there's a new 3D show coming up, called Coraline - about an alternate universe. The trailer looks bloody awesome! It's one of those shows where everything looks like it's made from clay ( cuz it probably is) - by the same guy who created The Nightmare before Xmas! The trailer's here, please watch in High Quality!!

Anybody wants to watch it with me?

Oh and i'm still undecided about watching Twilight =/ . I read the book and it is so awesome i don't wanna spoil it's image by watching a shitty movie remake =/ . Plus the actors don't really do the characters justice miso sad ):

Oh and photos from today :

Peanutbutter + Condensed milk = diabetes on toast. It was yummy though lol.

LOL popped by to say HI. HE HAS GROWN FATTER HAHAHAAHA omg it feels damn shiok to say that :D :D :D :D

FATTY! Wearing an ugly brown shirt which i dislike intensely heh.

The boyfriend is leaving tomorrow for an entire week.