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.5 + 5 + 4 = 9 !! rofl owned...{ Tuesday, December 23, 2008 }

The past 2 days have been a complete suckfest, which is why i have not been blogging.

Saturday was good - went for a BBQ at david's house and found out that Joanna loves XLBs (HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA she is going to kill me) and she cannot cook for nuts.

HAHAHA she turned half of the satays black lor please. We also celebrated joseph's birthday and by celebrate I mean I tried to bomb him with waterbombs but apparently he is a ninja because he managed to evade all of them. Miso sad ):

After that we watched SAW IV which was fucking disgusting, and I watched about 1/10 of it. The rest of the movie was spent hiding behind a pillow and reading the synopsis of the movie on wikipedia rofl.

Oh and i scared the shit out of Joanna by grabbing her shoulder halfway through the movie HAHAHAHAHA and that in turn scared Joseph because he was like WTF WHAT IS HAPPENING?!??! ROFL ROFL ROFL i am so going to hell.

Picked Homan up saturday evening, and i think he grew fatter rofl. He also bore battle scars (courtesy of huijuan -.- ) and no gifts. I keel him later.

Okay picspam for now, abit lazy to blog.

Hokkien mee from the famous stall at wisma - wasn't bad but wasn't that good.

Hello i am sadako rofl. Was getting my hair cut ( now i have ah lian hair) miso sad.

Omg i have to tell you about this shit. The new buses have this particular seat directly behind the drivers' - and it is FUCKING TINY. I think it is really only meant for one person / two tiny midgets. And zinc started dragging me towards it like THERE GOT SEAT THERE GOT SEAT!! I was like YOU CAN ONLY SIT THERE IF YOU HAVE HALF AN ASS -.- . Seriously. Then she started laughing to herself. I am starting to sense a demonic presence within her rofl.

I don't know what she was looking at rofl.

Lian hair.

ROFL. I think it's fucking funny when asian people portray bible characters. I'm so racist rofl.

Chinese gladiator rofl rofl...


Okay no more. I'm sorry that these photos aren't very good, but it was crowded and i was afraid they would start preaching to me about Jesus heh.

AND WHERE THE FUCK IS MY FUCKING (i mean that in both senses of the word - literal and otherwise) BROTHER HE IS LATE I WANT TO GO MEET MY BOYFRIEND! I am so peeing in his hair wax / body spray. ENJOY EU DE PEE, MOFO!!!!!!!

Rofl okay i was just joking but he really is late lor nabei.

Tsk okay i go spam his phone now bai.