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.It's gonna be a night to remember...{ Saturday, November 22, 2008 }

Yesterday this girl returned the shoes she bought from me because "the insole is very tattered". I must admit I forgot to check it, cuz my sister said she only wore it once, so i thought it would be in good condition ( because the last time i checked, the soles of my sisters feet were human-like and not covered in durian spikes thanks).

And guess what? THEY WEREN'T TATTERED! Wtf la smelly little cheebai. Waste my time, travelling around the island carrying a fucking shoe box in one hand and my macbook in the other - you think very light izzit? Just cuz you didn't like it, you lied and made up shit and scared me into thinking you'd leave me bad FB or something but jeez you bloody whore !! Lying is just DAMN LOW OKAY TSK!!

I hope a mushroom spore floats up your vagina and you grow fungi on your labia hahahaha okay i shut up now.

Anyway, I made bacon sandwiches for the fat boyfriend, which he really likes because bacon is awesome and crispy and awesome. and crispy!

Digressing, I've been wearing my Hi necklace and ever since I posted on runwaycity I've spotted a number of people wearing it and it really makes me sian. I know it isn't only mine to wear and all but but but seeing amos' crush wear it really made me D: zzzzzzzz.


Anyway, am at work, my boyfriend is a FUCKING PIG. He just woke up okay, after like 700 morning calls from me heh.


Okay i have an Old Chang Kee mushroom chicken puff in front of me, and I'm afraid to eat it because :

1) i will grow fat
2) i'm afraid that karma will redirect said mushroom spore into my vagina ROFL
3) after i eat it i will have nothing to eat for lunch
4) see point 2

On a less spastic/food-related note, I wore eyeliner out to meet the boyfriend yesterday, and he didn't freak out ( okay fine he did, for like 5 mins he was like OMG HONEY NOOOOOOOOOOO REMOVE REMOVE REMOVE OMG EWWWWWW EWWWWWWW EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW OMGGGGGGGGG NOOOOOOOOOOO) but after that he was fine. Maybe cuz his mouth was stuffed full of yummy bacon sandwiches, but still.

Okay I am bored therefore I shall come up with a list of things i want to do before i die, because I am bored and have nothing to do. ( does that even make sense?)

1. Learn to play the guitar.
2. Get a tiny lightning bolt tattoo on my ankle
3. Milk a cow
4. Serenade a statue ( i am joking )
5. Repent, accept Christ and go to heaven ( i am also joking)
6. Make a functional piece of furnture.
7. Learn to cook / bake without endangering lives
8. Build a huge sandcastle
9. Dance with someone in a romantic place
10. Learn French (50% sure about this only hahhaha)
11. Learn Chinese HAHAHAHAHA
12. Learn Hokkien and Cantonese so i can scold my kids in future without them knowing
13. Make a snowman
14. unwrap a mummy ( am really joking)
15. Fly a kite / successfully get it off the ground
16. Fly in a non-suicidal kinda way ( i don't know how but it would be nice)
17. Go skinny-dipping in my own private pool. Or fat-dipping, in my case rofl.
18. Make an awesome brownie with hot melting fudge core center and ice cream lol.
19. Make ice cream
20. Fire a gun ( in a non-murderous way)
21. Drop a water bomb on a random stranger ( like the fucker who tried bombing me when i was in ghim moh. MISSED ME, MOFO!)
22. Punch someone
23. Hatch an egg
24. Try not to eat hatchling
25. Travel with boyfriend to some romantic getaway
26. go BKK with sister, shop like mad, and come back with 18 pcs of luggage

Okay that's all i can think of for now, Maybe I shall put this list on the side bar and add to it as i go along hmmmmmm.

LOL this started out as a short nonsense post now it is a long nonsense post HAHAHAh okay bye.